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Charitable Planning

Why Charitable Gifting?

We are passionate about helping families win together and maximize their impact in their communities and the world. Our clients come from various backgrounds and occupations, but they recognize that they have the opportunity to manage their wealth purposefully to address their financial goals and make a difference. They know that we are on their side in pursuing these objectives as tireless advocates for their success.

Our clients and their families are often stewards themselves and we find that charitable planning is an ideal way to pursue philanthropic goals. We have decades of experience planning for the success of our customers so that we, too, can receive the emotional benefits of contributing to great causes. With the ability to create a personalized plan for each financial situation and level of contribution, you will find there are many ways to express the all-important notion of charitable giving whether they be in a trust or in the form of gift annuities.

Tax-Saving Strategies for Charitable Planning

When establishing financial goals, many people overlook charitable planning. But, philanthropic donations can be just as beneficial for the giver as the receiver. In particular, charitable donations can help you claim additional tax advantages when filing season rolls around. Here at Master Wealth, we enjoy helping our clients with their stewardship and charitable planning needs. Let us help you better position your charitable impact this year and beyond.

We use a variety of strategies to help our clients increase their giving power. They include:

  • Using a charitable deduction strategy by combining two years’ worth of charitable contributions into one year.
  • Giving appreciated non-cash assets held for more than one year. This is a good alternative to gifting cash because it can eliminate capital gains taxes that would apply if they first sold the assets and donated the cash.
  • Donating retirement assets. We can advise you on the different ways to do this if you’re nearing retirement and want to make a big charitable impact.

We can help you determine what philanthropic strategies are the best fit for your particular goals and financial situation.

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