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8 Sweet Pi Day Facts

8 Sweet Pi Day Facts

March 13, 2024

March 14th is annual Pi Day, a celebration of the mathematical constant π. The day is often celebrated with various activities, from pie-eating contests to pi-recitation competitions. The day even received the support of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2009, and UNESCO's 40th General Conference declared it an International Day for Mathematics. Want to learn more about this holiday? Check out the fun facts below.

1. The First Pi Day Was in 1988

Artist and physicist Larry Shaw from San Francisco started the observance of National Pi Day in 1988 by marching with coworkers in circles while they snacked on various types of pie.2

2. The Symbol for Pi Has Been Around 250 Years

The symbol for Pi was first used in 1706 by Welsh mathematician William Jones and increased in popularity through use by famed mathematician Leonhard Euler.1

3. The Longest Recitation Took 10 Hours

Rajveer Meena holds the record for reciting the most decimal places of Pi. He recited 70,000 decimal places blindfolded which took ten hours to complete.1

4. Pi Is Related to Egyptian Mythology

Pi was part of Egyptian mythology and was believed to be used in the construction of the pyramids of Giza.1

5. Fabrice Bellard Discovered the Most Pi Digits

Fabrice Ballad was a mathematician and computer scientist who used a simple desktop computer in 2021 to calculate 2.7 trillion decimal places of Pi, setting the record.2

6. The Exploration Science Museum Holds an Annual Parade

Every year the Exploration Science Museum hosts a Pi Day parade. The parade is quite the sight as the parade participants walk in a circle, with each holding up a different number of Pi.1

7. Congress Resolution 224 Increased Recognition in the U.S.

Pi Day wasn't celebrated in the United States as it is today until Congress passed Resolution 224 in 2009, marking its observance. They did so with the hopes of promoting a higher level of enthusiasm for science and math among American students.1

8. Albert Einstein Was Born on Pi Day

Though not celebrated at the time of his birth on March 14th, 1879, one of the most famous scientists in the world has a birthday connection to the now well-known mathematical holiday.1

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